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Modern and functional they consist of:

    • Mares’ stables
    • Stallions
    • Paddocks
    • Birthing stables
    • Walking areas
    • Regulation dressage circuit
    • Riding school
    • Cereal storage facility

We also have large grounds covering several kilometres, taking you up and down hills, ideal terrain for reinforcing and strengthening the hind quarters.

Livestock area:
This spacious country estate covers 500 hectares of which 100 hectares are dedicated to the breeding programme, the Vega de Guardiana meadows which have always been full of bulls and horses since the 18th century .

The nutrition consists of fodder and nutritive supplements.

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D. Esteban Arias López (Veterinario y Ganadero) y nos ayudan D. Jesús Sánchez Ayuso, Dña. Concha Cuétara y Wylly Manley.

Foreman: Carlos Fernández
Support and driver: Juan Carlos Caro
Rider: José Antonio González is responsible for our young foals and competition preparation.

To ensure that we compete at the highest level we have Diana Ostariz, who is responsible for Gumiel and Gotardo.

We consider the training areas are of the utmost importance, from when the foals are born they are handled, caressed and cared for, ensuring that they arrive at three years old without any traumas, enhancing their tranquil and sedate natures.